Friday, April 25, 2008

Fake Family Service

Fake Family Service

This is a new VCD series I bought last night. Its Korean and I love it !

Fake Uncle

A former gengstar @ Fake Uncle who has a "FAKE-SERVICE" company

Fake friends for wedding ceremony ?

Fake relatives for funeral ?

Name it and you'll get it

Fake Sister

Fake Sister

Used to be selling @ the fresh market

Has 3 brothers living together in Seoul

Now, working @ the Shopping Complex


Naughty and Cute Supervisor

Son of the devil "Frog Uncle"

Fake Grandpa and Fake Mother

Fake GrandFather

A Dancing Teacher

Fake GrandMother

Selling Nado @ the fresh market

Always talks harsh

Fake Father and Fake Mother

Fake Father

Working as the Debt Collector

Divorced , 2 Boys studying in Canada and a Cheater Wife

Fake Mother

Selling coffee @ the fresh market

Fake Brother

Fake Brother

A rich boy who run away from home

A shampoo guy in the morning and plays piano @ night at the Hotel

Poor Na Rim

Poor Na Rim

All family died on a car accident


Need a fake family to recover all her memories before the accident

Poor GirlNa Rim, a 9 years old girl lost all her family and memories caused by a car accident. For the sake of her life and happiness, all the 7 troubled people was hired by her uncle to be her fake family to helps her regain all her memories back and to find out who's the real "MURDERER" of her real families.

Its great ! Believe me ! I've already cried although I only watched 3 disc ! Gosh.. I can't wait to watch all 16 episodes :D

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