Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo

Love will lead us HOME

A Film by Joel C. Lamangan

Starring : Maricel Soriano - Eric Quizon - Marian Rivera - Shaina Magdayao - Yasmien Kurdi - Eugene Domingo - Ms.Gloria Romero - Mark Herras - Rayver Cruz - Jiro Manio - Bearwin Meily

The Family

What is Bahay Kubo ? In english translation .. Nipa Hut or in malay, emm.. pondok nipah ? ehe sounds funny :P Anyway.. Its all about FAMILY and there's a funny part in the movie but mostly its sad, so sad that when you started to CRY you just keep on crying and crying and it never STOPS ! until you are totally gone ehe

I watch this movie last midnight and ended with a very BIG eyes haha * menangis saja x a *

Here's a snapshot of the movie :

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