Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Operation Love Special

Operation Love

Yea ~ I don't know why but it seems like I can't stop watching DVDs

Today is the second day of school and thankfully I'm free for the whole working hours :-D all I did today is sits infront of my brother's lappy and did my students Mid Year Xams mark sheets which took me ages salnya my brother haven't installed the Jawi :(

Anyway.. as I back from school, does my everyday chores and then sit infront my desktop and start watching DVD ( again ! ) I watched Operation Love ( Japanese ) and it's all about LOVE and MARRIAGE gosh ! she is so cute ! and I'll rate this movie as .. not bad ! bleh la ~ with the magic guy *snaps* and he's back to the past ehe again and again to fix something so that he could marry the girl she loves


Right after she ran away from her wedding !


Guess who ? ehe so sweet ! this guy wears a wedding dress *ngetop yo !* because the bride ran away :P so girly

handsome beautiful


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